Blue Flower

In all of my various activities as a sports administrator, the Oceania Australia Foundation takes a very special place.  I suspect deep down it is a reflection of my own experience and the start I was given in my life as a result of a sports academic scholarship in the United States as an aspiring young athlete.  That experience, which was quite unusual in those days, combined with the level of coaching and academic study in the United States varsity system, led to me becoming an Olympic athlete and later to fill senior roles in corporate life; all of this of course with my family backing.

So many years later to have the privilege to chair the Oceania Australia Foundation gives me the satisfaction of seeing deserving bright young students with athletic ability granted the same opportunity.  Our young scholarship winners are already demonstrating that they can rise to the occasion and are achieving results which have led them to further educational and athletic opportunities in the United States or see them returning to their countries to pass on the benefits of their overseas experience.

The Foundation looks forward to the strengthening of this program as it continues to provide opportunities for young people in the Oceania region.