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Sisilia is helping herself … and others

Sisilia Seavula is the recipient of a two-year scholarship to Southwestern Junior College in Creston, Iowa.  Along with three other Fijians she was awarded her scholarship early in 2015 and commenced in August.  Sisi competes in the 100m and 200m track events and recently extended her range to the 100m hurdles.

Her academic pursuits take precedence, however, and she is currently studying Cultural Anthropology, Art Appreciation, Composition 1 and Algebra.  As an introduction to the school, all new students do an extra subject called College Experience.

Sisi says she finds studying easy and manages her time by keeping a note book with a “to do’ list. She is enjoying college life and is very motivated to not only complete her studies but also gain a scholarship to an NCAA university.

She says part of her motivation is to do well enough to be a role model for young people at home who may also aspire to an OAF scholarship.  She was inspired by another Fijian who has gone on to an NCAA scholarship in the US, but who returns to mentor others during her school breaks.

At this early stage Sisi is unsure of her ultimate goal but she plans to keep working hard to broaden the possibilities.  An interesting footnote to this story is that Sisi is helping some of her American classmates with their papers!