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Scholarship Graduate Update

Marshall Islands swimmer Giordan Harris was awarded a two-year junior college scholarship to Iowa Lakes in 2013.  He was keen to compete in freestyle, butterfly and sprint events but there was a problem – at the time the Marshall Islands didn’t have a pool for him to train in!

After completing his two-year scholarship in 2015 he moved to Lincoln College in Illinois where he is studying Sports Management and aiming for a degree.  Giordan works on campus as a resident assistant, helps the swim coach at training sessions and also works as a lifeguard at the campus pool.

It is a busy time balancing study, work and training but he appreciates the experience he is gaining, not least of which includes time management skills.

Looking to the future, Giordan is contemplating the pursuit of a degree or Master’s in Exercise Science so that when he returns to his homeland he can help lift the standard of sport in the islands, possibly to the point where they can be competitive on the world stage.

And perhaps he could eventually become manager of the swimming pool that his country lacked but now has!