Blue Flower

The phrase "get back as soon as you can, son" is one that's stuck with former Olympian Kevan Gosper since his university days.

Whilst his coach used it as a way to encourage the 400m runner to push himself physically, it's taken on a more personal message for the Olympic silver medallist.

"I had a lot of opportunities and successes.  But there were occasions when I lost, I was beaten and what came to me was 'get back as soon as you can, son'", he told a gathering of sports administrators and educators at the launch of the Positive Edge Journal.

"It was nothing to do with the physical that you relied on in your competition, it was your mental state".

The Positive Edge Journal instills lessons of wellbeing and resilience in it users, allowing them to tackle obstacles and remain positive despite setbacks.

In the high pressure world professional athletes now live in, Mr Gosper said that mental health is more important than ever.

"Today with so much more pressure on athletes, so much pressure for people in business and professions, the ability to stay mentally strong and recover from adversity and keep health is so important".

"I think if I had something like this, I would have been able to recover and get back as soon as I could, far more quickly".


Wednesday November 23, 2016